About us

Our Mission

Providing Top-notch quality yet affordable fine diamond jewelry to all, by using Latest Technology, Deep Knowledge of product, Contemporary yet Elegant Designs with Speed of Service.

We established  in the diamond business with over a two decades of experience in rough to polished diamonds. We started with polishing training school and grown in the Industry. Heileig Diamonds is an Australian owned and Operated Company. Our Mission is to provide loose Diamonds and Fine jewelry with affordable prices Directly to Customers and Wholesale Buyers. Each of our  Diamond has been sourced from Authentic site holders and polished at our very own facilities with stringent quality control.

Quality Assurance

Quality standards we follow are among the highest of all jewellers. At Heileig Diamonds, Enjoy risks-free shopping because we offer you finest loose diamonds and jewellery available. With our exceptional craftsmanship we offer the finest jewellery to our valued customers. The prices are competitively lowest you will ever find in the market. Many have enjoyed shopping with Heileig Diamonds and numbers are increasing day by day.

Highest Diamond Quality

As the largest online diamond retailer, Heileig Diamonds offers the largest collection in the world’s finest cut diamonds. Preselected for exceptional quality, the cut, colour, and clarity of our loose diamonds are evaluated based on a standardized grading scale. Also, each loose diamond is accompanied by a grading report from either GIA, AGSL or IDI, independent diamond grading labs with the most stringent grading scales of all labs.

Our Products

Heileig Diamonds designs jewellery to match your style, occasion within your budget. Our jewelleries are a blend of style and grace which will make you feel not a less than a celebrity. We offer a wide range of products from Certified Solitaires, Real Diamonds.

We source precious metals and stones from around the world, Which undergoes stringent quality tests by experienced gemologists. Our designers create contemporary as well as traditional Jewelry designs keeping in mind the sense of different markets and cultures.

The finished products are checked twice to conform to our exacting specifications. Finally, the Jewelry is packed in durable and stylish gift boxes to ensure safe delivery.