You Are Better Off Buying Diamond Jewellery from Reputed Stores to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Preparation Before Buying Jewellery

Unless you have a precise idea of the thing that you are looking for, it can be an awkward process to visit a Jewellery store. There are a number of things that you would do well to keep in mind when you are out shopping for Jewellery, especially those made from diamonds. Buying from a reliable store and seller is probably the first thing that you need to take into account since some sellers tend to keep the flaws hidden from public view as a measure of enhancing the product prices. If you are buying from a reliable trader then you can rest assured that this information won’t be kept from you.

Selecting pieces of genuine diamond Jewellery can prove to be a rather overwhelming task since all of them are attractive and shining, irrespective of their quality. Here we take a look at some of the ways in which you can make the right purchasing decisions.

 The 4 C’s

There are four C’s that characterize diamonds – carats, clarity, color, and cut. These are features based on which the price of a diamond is determined. The size of the gem is also a matter of consideration. The popular belief seems to be that every kind of diamond is crystal clear though it has been found to be a false assumption. The truth is many of the diamonds tend to have a brownish or yellow hue to them. The most expensive diamonds are usually the ones that are transparent and colorless. Carat is what determines the weight of a diamond and it goes without saying that the more carats contained in a diamond, more expensive they will be. Gold carats and diamond carats are not the same. The cut is what determines the diamond profile and is dependent largely on the skills of the craftsman.


It goes without saying that diamonds are costly! Before you start hunting around for diamonds, this is one fact that you need to keep in mind. Nevertheless, purchasing diamonds online can help you get hold of products that are moderately expensive. The prices of online diamond Jewellery tend to be lower than what you pay while purchasing from a physical store and is largely down to the fact that online dealers face lower overhead expenditures. This in turn is a consequence of these people having less number of employees and practically no rentals to pay for their stores. Online wholesalers of diamonds and diamond-based Jewellery can be located and they usually sell at competitive prices to keep their overhead and profits at a minimum.


While it may be easy to locate diamonds online at competitive prices, buying from them can prove to be quite risky. Though there are a number of reliable online sellers who offer products at reasonable prices, it may be logical on your part to think that the items they are selling are fakes. It does not make for a pleasant experience to think that you will be paying a handsome amount for mere trinkets when you were actually on the lookout for diamond earrings. As a result, it is extremely important that you opt for only reliable Jewellery sellers who possess the requisite certificates for selling gems online. It is not a good idea to opt for purchases through auctions, especially if you are someone who does not have sufficient knowledge of the tricks of the trade.


Diamond merchants always stay on the lookout for prospective buyers who would be willing to make bulk purchases from them. However, most individuals have shifted to purchasing from renowned Jewellery stores as they have realized the benefits of doing so. This is a recommended practice as you get genuine diamond products having the very best in terms of the 4 C’s.

by Pankaj Jogani

Heileig Diamonds defines perfection in every single piece of Jewellery which we make with the help of our diamond polishing artists and Jewellery designers. With over two decades of deep knowledge in most precious stone called diamond, from rough to polish.

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